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Jun, 2015

The Casita Project – Building Again

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We’re doing it again! We are building a casita (small house) on the property. We have discussed having a ‘mother-in-law’ suite over the years and in January, after about 3 months of planning, quotes, Internet searches and soul searching (do we want to do it again?), we decided to pull the trigger and build a casita.

Our house was in various stages of construction and then limbo for nearly 10 years when we put in our offer in 2006. The mortgage process took nearly a year (wood structure, self employed, language barrier etc.) and then roughing-in the plumbing/electrical and getting the utilities took another 6 months. In total, it took us 18 months from the day we had (some) cash in hand to buy this place until we were sleeping under fans and taking hot showers.

We decided to put the casita down the hill on the other side of the property. Putting it close to the stream, jungle and on the largest open space on the property seemed like the best way to distance the casita from our house and provide whomever is staying there a peaceful, tranquil environment to chill out.

Generally, we are going to match the feel of our main house with the casita but keep it much more simple. Tall ceilings, big open space (to scale) and an indoor/outdoor feeling in the main living space.

I will do my best to start adding regular updates to the CA2PR blog to keep everyone who used to follow our progress on our casa so you all can start following our progress on the casita.


5 thoughts on “The Casita Project – Building Again

  1. Kirsten

    This is exciting and inspiring! Reading your blog has convinced me to pull the trigger on moving to PR within the next 5 years, so thank you for sharing!

  2. Barbara Schutt

    Yippee, we get to see more posts! I really loved following along on your journey and now we get to see another building project. You are now much more experienced with how the building projects go and I’d love to hear how and what you’ve learned to do differently. My husband and I are looking to stay long term in Rincon, hopefully, in the near future. We’re coming for 4 weeks next Feb.

    • Stefan

      Hey Barbara

      We have more experience on where to buy things, the process and how to get all the little projects done. Hopefully that will translate to a quick, easy, hassle free casita build!! The little one isn’t so little anymore! She is about to turn 6 and Summer has another bun in the oven!

      • Barbara Schutt

        Oh, my goodness, congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you both and your wonderful family. 6 years old, she is getting big and the time really flies as they grow and change. I have two girls, 21yr and almost 20. I’ve one still at home and not quite ready for us to go to PR long term so we’re taking shorter visits 🙂 I wish you much success on your casita and look forward to more posts!

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