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The Fence Project Part 2 – 80% Done

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WOW. That’s what I have to say about this project. I was against this fence project from the beginning and was eventually talked into doing it. Now that the posts are in, the fence is up and the trellis is built, I am so glad Summer talked me into it. The 20% that I need to complete is capping the rails with 1×6, building and hanging the gates and staining/water sealing the wood.

Cap The Rails of the Fence

The way I built the pickets on the fence was by cutting down 1×6 treaded lumber to 3ft and 4ft sections. The very front of the yard has a 4ft fence and the sides of the yard have a 3ft fence. The vertical 1×6 are sandwiched between two 2×4’s on the top and the bottom. On top of the top 2/4’s I am glueing and screwing 1/6 boards to give it a more finished look. I only have about three more cuts and I will be done with that. Next, time to build the gates.

Building/Designing the Gates

Black Gate Thumb LatchFor a while, I was thinking that I was going to make the gate a foot or so higher than the rails on either side to get so that it would stand out and not blend in with the rest of the fence. I wanted to make it more of a focal point…BUT! After building the trellis, I don’t need to draw anymore attention to that area and I don’t want to take any attention away from the trellis. I think it looks really good. After building the trellis with 2×10’s and 2×4’s, I thought that the 4×4 posts looked a little wimpy for the big lumber up on top. Structurally it was sound, but it looked a little sally to me so I capped the 4×4 posts with 2×4’s and 2×6’s to give it a beefier look and was able to leave reveals on all four corners which gave it a very finished craftsman look.

With that said, my plan for the gate is to build a section of fence that looks like the rest of the fence line. I may use a 2×6 to cap it off instead of a 1×6 so I can give it a little bit of pizzaz compared to the rest of the fence. I checked home depot for gate hardware, but they only had one option in black and it wasn’t anything I liked. I want to have a handle with a thumb latch and I couldn’t find one at any of the local hardware stores so I checked a few stores out online and ended up ordering hardware (hinges, handle and latch) from Amazon.

Staining and Water Sealing The New Fence

This is a very important decision for us, not just for looks but for longevity. The rain and the sun in Puerto Rico reep havoc on wood that is exposed to the elements. I water sealed our back deck twice this year already and it is already looking weathered. I am currently research new water seals and stain combos that I can use instead of the Thompsons Water Seal I used on the deck. I really don’t want to have to seal the fence and deck every 6 months for the rest of my life. That would suck. Once I come to a decision, I’ll keep you guys in the loop in case you are in the market for some sealer and are interested in my findings.

Here Are A Few 80% Photos of the Fence

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Our New Fence 80% Complete

Front Yard Fence and Trellis in Rincon

This beautiful horse is not ours. She is visiting with Pintos “R” Us for Sydney’s birthday party. All the kids got a ride!


13 thoughts on “The Fence Project Part 2 – 80% Done

  1. Linda

    looks great! I have to say, we had a new deck built a few years ago and I think we went brain dead after that. Here in NJ we seal our deck every year, so how could we forget about it in Rincon?? Well, we did. I just put a new “note” in my iphone under “Rincon Projects”.
    Can’t wait to see what you plant around the trellis!

  2. katrina

    The fence makes everything look finished and yard look landscaped! Awesome! If the dogs start jumping it you can always add a lattice section on top and I can see beautiful flowering vines over the gate. Make sure you post photos of the stain/oil. I considered that but didn’t want to get stuck with a colored decision. I painted concrete at the other house which was great but required constant touchups. The Thompson weathers grey.

  3. E

    I sure hope the hardware that you ordered was galvanized, stainless steel. or solid brass. Otherwise I would guess that it will rust to a worthless state in a few months w/ the Rincon salt air and frequent rain.

  4. Matt I.

    Looks Fantastic, bien hecho, horse is a nice touch too..I keep meaning to comment that your blog is Really Inspirational, keep up the good work. The house should be in a magazine someday, no joke.
    Saludos from a Texas surfer, y mucha suerte con todo.

    PS – All I can say on the sealer is that Thompson’s sucks, I’ve used it a few times and it was worthless, until someone told me that the extra $ on better sealer options is worth it.

  5. debbie

    Re:fence stain and sealer…I’d like to tell you what my papajohn used during the depression, and worked for the CCC! They took tar and gas (Yes, black tar), mixed together to make a stain and seal for wood…(gas evaporates)…Here in the US, if a sprinkle hits , say a cedar, it bleaches out the wood…but–w/the gas n tar, it just like a duck’s back! Sooooo…using this knowledge, we made waterbeds for us and each of the 3 kids. The more gas to tar ratio, the lighter the stain (common sense). So, all 4 water beds were slightly different. If you do a large amount of fencing–remember the ratio, or the color will not be the same.
    Try on fence scraps, until you get the darkness of the stain you like.

  6. karina daniel

    Hi!!! I don’t know how I can contact you. But I moved to Isabela and I have a baby and I was wondering what activities are there that I could do with my baby other than the beach wich I love and mostly do. And I’m also looking for a job. I really love your blog!!!

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