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The Gym is DONE!

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I can hardly believe it, but the gym in our house is finally done! While we were in San Diego in Sept/October, we had the ceilings put in downstairs so when we got home, I started working on the gym since I am anxious to get back into shape after being pregnant and it sure it nice to finally have a permanent place to put our fitness equipment. This is what I had to do to finish our gym:

– Clean. There was annoying construction crap (spackle/drywall dust that took more then 4 floor scrubbings, stray concrete, etc) that I had to clean up.

– Paint. I painted the ceilings and soffits white, the walls light blue and one wall a bright blue.

– Install stripper pole. It might seem strange that I have a ‘stripper pole’, but it really is the best excersize and it’s super duper fun. Like playing on the monkey bars when you were a kid!

– Install entertainment center. 32″ TV mounted on the wall, hooked up to a Mac Mini so we have internet access, DVD player, Wii Fit and stereo system.

So, there are all sorts of fun things to do in our gym now! We have a treadmill, stripper pole, Wii Fit balance board, Tai Bo/Dance/Fitness DVD’s, yoga ball, free weights and jump ropes. And most importantly, we have air conditioning in the gym (This may seem like a given for a house in Puerto Rico, but most of our house does not have A/C.)!

While I would consider the gym as being done, these are a couple of little things that will be done in the near future:

– Trim out the windows. But I havn’t figured out how we are going to do that yet.

– Organize/hide all the cords hanging from the entertainment center.

– Install grande mirrors on the back wall.

And one last thing that we will eventually do:

– Install Brazilian teak hardwood flooring. We have just enough left over from when we did the upstairs, so whenever we get around to doing the floors downstairs we will install that in the gym. But we are pretty burned out on construction, so the polished concrete floors are just fine with me until we decide to open that can of worms ;).

Here is a walk through of our gym today:


7 thoughts on “The Gym is DONE!

  1. YoMaMa

    THAT LOOKS AWESOME!!! Great job and your treadmill has straight arms like mine so easy to make a workstation. Just cut back on edge so you can still grab arm ends if needed. 1 mph works great for conf calls and 2 mph for work with keyboarding.

  2. Esri Rose

    Jumping rope on a concrete floor sounds kind of harsh. I guess if you have good shoes it’s not so bad.

    And someone really needs to come up with an alternative name to “stripper pole.” “Dancer’s pole,” maybe. Wait…that sounds like something you’d need a jockstrap for. Never mind.

  3. Chris

    awesome! I am moving to PR next week and I would be completely in love to only have a house half as nice as yours.. U guys really did a nice job with everything congrats!

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