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Two in a Row?

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I just got back from a trip to Sears with my mom, signed into facebook and see all my friends down here talking about getting hit by a hurricane! Last I checked, they were just storms off of Cape Verde. Well, they are still just tropical storms but are predicted to deliver 50mph winds to the island starting on Tuesday.

Hey Bill!

Hey Anna!

Neither of them look very big, but they are both forecasted to hit Puerto Rico head on. Sweet, let’s see if the power company can justify their astronomic rates and keep our power going.

On a side note, how exciting for Sydney! She is only 2 weeks 6 days old and daddy is already telling her stories about how much fun hurricanes are. Rain, wind, everyone partying because no one has to go to work!

On another side note, the generator we have been planning on buying hasn’t been purchased yet. Maybe I’ll go get it on Monday with the rest of the island. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Two in a Row?

  1. Ivan

    Hey guys,


    How’s Sydney? Great I hope!

    I hope the weather’s not too bad Tuesday morning.

    I fly out of Aguadilla early in the that morning.

    I’m going to Vegas for my Dad’s 84th birthday.

    Just remember, “What Happens in Vegas, Ivan will tell you all about when he gets home on the 25th! ha-ha (~;

  2. gimaryfromnj

    Praying that everything will be okay for everyone on the island. I have family in Ponce.
    Stay safe, and be prepare for anything

  3. linda

    Bob is ready to jump on a plane to catch the swell, but Salty Walt battened down the hatches before he headed for NJ so our house is all closed up with the hurricane shutters in place etc.. etc..
    Hope your little Sydney is lulled to sleep by the wind and rain.

  4. Carol

    I think you are learning bad things in Puerto Rico: “never do today what you could do tomorrow” jajaja… This is not the best moment to buy generators, they are expensive!!! Anyway, I don’t think hurricanes hit that much in Rincón or the southwest area of the Island. Poor Sidney, she’s not gonna have so much fun!!

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